Why We Write: It’s a Calling

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From journaling to storytelling to publishing

We spend more time writing than taking selfies, cooking, or dusting furniture.

We are creators from our heads to our toes.

Words flow from our endless thoughts to our full hearts and etch themselves deep in our souls.

We go to bed thinking and wake up wondering.

We know ourselves better than anyone else.

We are selfless with our words.

Writers write because they are driven. We are motivated to express ourselves through language. We know what it’s like to have the desire to share ideas, thoughts, and stories.

It’s not only a hobby or a crafted paragraph by a professional. It’s a calling. There’s an innate desire to build something meaningful and impactful with words.

We have a strong passion for language. We love to tell stories.

We love to inspire. We want to provoke thoughts. Mostly, we understand the power of words. We have the gift to connect everyone across time through words.

Writers persevere. Writer’s block can’t stop us. Just knowing our words have the potential to make a difference out there matters.

The next time you might find yourself wondering why writers write…

  • It’s their unwavering determination
  • It’s their unyielding motivation
  • It’s their unshakeable spirit moving them forward on the most beautiful adventure of creation.

I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Thanks for reading. 


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