FEB 2022

Let’s Talk Story: About anything and everything This book will cover subjects about life and personal development. I’m on a mission to pump up the positive side of humanity with the power of language at my side. This book represents a take on life, life lessons, perspectives, and perceptions. There is no growth without change. There is nothing without thinking, experiencing, loving, and a lot of kindness. Life is such a wonderful journey. So, let’s talk story. Link to book.

MARCH 2022

Made to Think: Observations of Human Behavior Made to Think is the product of a passionate and inspiring thinker and writer who always tries to bring life to words. The author believes by thinking and observing, you become more aware of your surroundings. You gain insight into the world around you that can’t be seen with just physical perception or analysis alone. This book contains nine different chapters, each with its own specific aim. Some will make you think and others might cause an interest in the value of thinking for yourself as well as enhancing a level of awareness. Some might even make you smile or shake your head up and down. Link to book.